His Majesty Sultan Mudarasulail Alasatam Kiram Ibni Almarhum His Majesty Sultan Muhd Mahakuttah Abdullah Kiram

Early Life

His Majesty was born in Sulu on 8 August 1966 and was directly crowned by His Majesty late father His Majesty Sultan Muhd Mahakuttah Abdullah Kiram on 28 August 1975 in Kudat, Sabah.

In year 1972 when Martial Law was launched between Philippines and Sulu, His Majesty was hiding with the refugees from Sulu to Sabah to save their live. Fortunately, His Majesty was saved and adopted by Tuan Imam Haji Abdul Naim in Kudat, Sabah. In 1976 when He was 10, His Majesty was handed over to the chairman of Kampung Pulau Dinawan Papar, named Attahi Panggayan. During his stay with Attahi, His Majesty was only given non-formal education for not having valid documentation.

In the same year, His Majesty was adopted again by Teacher Tuan Haji Hamdin Othman and his spouse Teacher Hajjah Zainab Binti Ibrahim. This spouse was a teacher in S.R.K Kinarut and with their kind heart, this spouse adopted His Majesty and given him complete education in S.M.K Kinarut, Papar Sabah from 1979 until His Majeaty finished his L.C.E (LOWER CERTIFICATE EDUCATION) in year 1982. In january 1983, His Majesty was transferred to S.M.K Putatan, Sabah until His Majesty finished his S.P.M (MALAYSIA CERTIFICATE OF EDUCATION) in year 1984.

In 1989, His Majesty was transferred to Johor Baharu and continue his studies for Diploma in I.C.S (INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOL).

His Majesty itinerant life ended in Melaka when His Majesty got married in 1985. Unfortunately, His Majesty was saparated and remarried again with Her Majesty Queen Dayang Nurhijrah Kiram Abdullah. His Majesty was blessed with 16 children in previous married and 1 youngest daughter Princes Dayang Dayang Nurlaili Alastam Kiram with his wife Her Majesty Queen Dayang Nurhijrah Kiram Abdullah.

His Majesty was served as a Branch Manager in Security Firm until 1999 in Johor Baharu.

In year 2000, His Majesty was transferred back to Melaka and managed to open his own Security Firm License namely "BANTERAS SECURITY SDN BHD" and at the same year, His Majesty was going back to Kota Kinabalu and established a new company named "THE NEW SULU TIMES" (SUARA TAUSUG) tabloid in Sulu language. Using the "THE NEW SULU TIMES" tabloid, His Majesty slowly introduce himself to his people in both Sabah and Sulu.

In 2005, His Majesty was struggle to make Sulu Archipelago independence as a "Muslim Country" again after the launch of the "Martial Law" in 1972. His Majesty was so dissapointed to wait until 10 years (2015) to realize his dream and decided to fly to the battlefield himself.

After a year of fighting in the Court Order Sharia Law in Republic of The Philippines, in 28 December 2016, His Majesty recieved the Court Royal Order from Sharia Law with His Majesty Sultan Mudarasulail Alastam Kiram Royal Order no. 428 authentication from DFA (DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIR) Red ribbon No. KSA 6795590 and recognized by the Philippines Government as the 30th Legitimate Sultan Of Sulu following by His Majesty late father His Majesty Sultan Muhd Mahakuttah Abdullah Kiram sa the 29th Legitimate Sultan Of Sulu with executive Royal Order No. 427.


His Majesty is currently planning to build up to 10 thousand units of low cost housing for the poor people in whole Sulu together with infrastructure, education, construction of road, railway station and hospital. His Majesty also planning to raise his people economy in many industries including manufacturing industries.

Last Ambition

Last of His Majesty ambition was to become a "Mystery Musaffir" (Orang Tua Misteri) where His Majesty will travel from Sulu to Nusantara once he has found suitable successor for the throne.


His Majesty was confferred the First Class Dignitary Titles of the Sultanate Jambi Family Order Darjah Kerabat (D.K), Darjah Kerabat (D.K) First Class Royal Family in Banda Acheh Sultanate, Darjah Kerabat (D.K.) First Class Royal Family in Tiworo Island, and Darjah Kerabat (D.K) First Class of the Family Order of Paku Alam Sultanate.

His Majesty is the patron of various organisations include as a "Royal Patron" for Miri Traditional Physician Association on 22nd May 2015 and His Majesty are also the Founder of an orphanage house the Pertubuhan Tahfiz dan Anak-anak Yatim, Al Quran Darul Qalam in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

in 10th October 2010, His Majesty was conferred with an Honorary Doctorate Philosophy by "The Trustees Of International Royal Academy Of The United Nations".


His Majesty was conferred "THE ASIA ROYAL MAN OF THE YEAR" awards on 17-19 August 2016 by UNITED NATION in NEW YORK.